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#085 Day 25: Your Client Isn't Really Your Client ... Or Are They? 🧳

As a QS it is important to identify who YOUR client is.

Bear with me here, I am not going mad. As a QS you will be part of a multi-disciplinary team with many different stakeholders.

The Client is the person who is paying for all these people. Your Client is the person/discipline you are providing your services to.

Let me explain.

You need to make a distinction between who your services are benefitting and who is requesting them. Often these will be the same person, and it renders this biog post completely pointless.

However, there are situations where your client is distinct from the Employer. An example of this is if you work large infrastructure organisations or multi-national conglomerates.

Let's take Apple as an example. Headed by Steve Jobs, it's very unlikely that he is the one that's requesting your QS Services. It's probably still unlikely that the Head of Real Estate is your client. Your client will probably be a project manager in one of the regions that Apple operates in.

I hope I am making sense here.

You might now be asking yourself - why is this important?

Well the reason is because who your client is impacts the way in which you deliver.

What you deliver doesn't change - it's just the way you communicate or implement that service.

I've seen so many examples of professionals who do not cater their approach for different people. Business are run by people, individuals like you and me. They have different habits, requirements and preferences. So it's important that you tailor your service accordingly.

If you do not do so you literally will be shown the door. It's really as simple as that.

The point I am trying to make is that although we are technical professionals, we are a people-orientated service provider. Our outputs are ingested by human beings!

We need to make our outputs easy for people to consume and make decisions on.

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