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#083 Day 23: What Quantity Surveyors Should Look For In Potential Employers 💼

The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

If you are already employed and you are looking to making a move, make sure you weigh your options carefully. This seems like basic advice but I know many people who have changed jobs and regretted it painfully.

But if you are unhappy at your current job, how do you decide when to move and who to move to?

Your personal network is the best place to start. Speak to colleagues and friends in the industry about how the feel about their employer. I'm sure you've seen the lists with the top 100 employers. Ignore them - for the most part. All that tells you is that those employers are good at fulfilling certain criteria.

The best way to judge a organisation is to speak to the people who work for it.

As a developing quantity surveyor, your priorities should be the following:

  1. APC Training

  2. Varied Work

  3. Money

I am firmly of the opinion that until you are chartered, money should not be your priority. This doesn't mean you should be okay with being underpaid. Every one of us has dreams and goals, family to support and bills to pay.

If you know your company is severely under paying you, run like the wind.

You need varied work in order to support your APC training. Working on different types of projects at different stages of the project cycle will be invaluable.

Once you get chartered, your priorities will change. I am one of those people that will prefer a bigger salary of varied work. At this stage of my life I am saving to get on the property ladder, so I am willing to sacrifice "varied work" for more money.

This will probably change once I get my own home!


That's all for this post folks - if you have any questions on the above give me a shout on LinkedIn.

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