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#082 Day 22: When You Should Think About Changing Employer as a QS 🏢

Loyalty is a two way street.

When I started my career, the older generation used to always talk about the importance of loyalty as a working professional. I generally agree with that concept. You should be loyal and use your skillset to benefit your employer, in return your employer should benefit you also.

If this wasn't the case we would all be working for free!

In an ideal world, our employers would hope to keep us on for as long as we are profitable, and we would hope to stay with them provided the working conditions, salary and development opportunities are there. The reality is, over time some of these requirements fall below par. Your either not given the opportunity to develop, you are not getting paid enough or you are just bored of the job.

If any of these points are true for you, you should definitely consider testing the market to see what opportunities are available elsewhere.

For graduates and junior staff it can be daunting to leave the first firm you joined. Our industry is smaller than you think, and you will probably encounter some of your older colleagues again on other projects.

Also, just because you leave your company does not mean you cannot return after a few years.

A general rule to note is to never burn your bridges. This industry is small and every one knows each other. Try and leave on good terms and stay in contact with your line managers and senior management team. You never know what opportunities may be available down the line.

That's all for this post folks - if you want to have a chat about your career give me a shout on LinkedIn.

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