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#081 Day 21: The Role of a QS in a Project Delivery Team 👷

Don't be a hero.

As a QS there are enough pressures on your plate with you dabbling in things that do not concern you. Your primary concern is the successful delivery of the project. The way you measure success is through the financials. That is your remit.

If you are planning to re-train as an engineer or a project manager, this post isn't for you. Continue reading if you training to be competent quantity surveyor.

The QS is a support function to the project team. Our job is to ensure the financials do not hinder the progress of the construction activity. Our tasks will include:

  • Managing the application for payment process

  • Managing variations

  • Raising purchase orders

  • Supporting risk management procedures (early warnings / risk meetings etc)

If you do the above well, you will have completed your portion of responsibility for the project.

This does not mean that you completely ignore everything else. If you notice things are incorrect or being delivered in an unsafe manner, you have a duty to report it.

If you do all the above with ease, only then should you volunteer yourself for other activities. It's important to note though that you should only get involved in activities when it does not clash with your professional indemnity requires.

This means (unless you are told otherwise by your insurer or employer), that you do not get involved in providing legal advice or design advice. It's not your world, it's not what you've been trained to do and more often that you will cause harm to your client.

This post may seem like a rant, but I have worked with many QS's who do not get the basics right but are dabbling in activities which are not of their concern and are covered by someone else who is actually qualified.

Do your job first - otherwise your reputation will definitely proceed you.

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