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#070 Day 10: 1 Big Mistake I Made When I Was First Getting Started In Quantity Surveying ❌

Like most beginners, I made a lot of mistakes when I first started working as a Quantity Surveyor.

But this was the biggest one, by far:

Not believing in myself.

Here's what happened:

I joined the industry straight out of university where I studied Law. I had decided that a legal career was not for me. So I applied to every professional service career and I ended up getting an offer from a large QS consultancy.

Looking back now, I wish I believed in my abilities a bit more. I was always second guessing myself and over-working to try and make a good impression. There is nothing wrong with working extra hard (providing it doesn't affect your mental or physical health).

I did this because I had very bad imposter syndrome. I never felt that I belonged, and if I made progress or had a solid achievement, I would brush it away.

Why am I writing about this?

If you are just starting in the field you may be feeling lost and confused. I'm here to tell you (because no one told me) that one day soon, the thing that you are looking at now that doesn't make sense, will all fall into place.

Self-belief (or lack of) can come across a wishy-washy concept, but after 6 years in the game I have learnt a lot.

Patience is a hard thing to grasp when you've just graduated and want to hit the ground running. Remember, the trees that grow slow, often bear the sweetest fruit.

Don't be so hard on yourself - believe in your abilities and trust that if you work hard on your craft and make improvements in your workflow, you will achieve your targets.

If you are QS and are feeling stuck, feel free to drop me a line on LinkedIn and we can have a chat!

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