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#067 Day 7: The Overlooked Qualities That Propel QS Graduates Forward 🛠️

Hello folks 👋

I've worked with a number of graduates over the last six years. Here are a few qualities which were displayed by the best of them.

The best graduates are:

  • Pro-Active

  • Eager to Learn

  • Organised

  • Tech Savvy

Let's go through one by one.


Graduates who are pro-active stand out like a sore thumb. Large companies take dozens of graduates in every year.

You might be competing in the professional environment who might (on paper) be smarter than you.

But - if you can anticipate your manager or client's needs and execute the requirements you will succeed.

This requires you to think ahead of time and think what the potential outcomes of a given situation are. For example, let's say you were just in a meeting for a project and one of the design team mentioned an additional requirement.

A pro-active QS would prepare a mini estimate for that additional requirement, ready for their immediate supervisor to review.

Eager to Learn

It is really frustrating to work with or train someone who doesn't try to demonstrate some inclination to learn.

This is especially so in the construction industry where there is a steep learning curve, and as a QS you are still required to have an understanding of the subject matter.

So how do you action this?

It's really quite simple, but it does require you research and study. It doesn't matter what industry you are in (rail, aviation, housing, offices) the method is the same.

Look at the scope of work, either from the design packs, tender information or pricing documents and learn about what it is that you are helping build.

Make notes on what you have learnt so you can teach others, and identify the things you don't understand. As a graduate, you are not expected to know it all. You are therefore afforded the privilege of asking the basic questions to your supervisors and managers.

Remember - there are no stupid questions.


This might seem like a basic characteristic, but trust me it is absent amongst most professionals in the industry.

Having all your documents organised is one thing, but having intricate knowledge of your company's filing structure will make you invaluable.

You will randomly get senior people in your time messaging you, because you are a fountain of knowledge (for all things filing related).

Tech Savvy

This is a powerful one. In the construction field you will come across so much software that you are constantly learning.

If you can be the first one in your team to master a piece of software, you will again become the go to person. You will be working on the latest and greatest project. You will be known by the senior staff. It's just the way it works.

Developing your skills varies depending on the type of software. If it's an established software then you will find tutorials on YouTube. If it's a new piece of software, try and call them up and see if they can offer any free training.

That's all for this one folks, if you enjoyed this post feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!

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