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#060 ChatGPT is a game changer 🤖

Hello folks! 👋

I hope you are all well and studying hard for your APC (or relaxing if you have already passed).

I’ve taken a break for a while but regular service shall resume.

Over the last week I have been playing around with ChatGPT. If you’ve been living under a rock, ChatGPT is an artificially intelligent chatbot which has a variety of uses.

I think its really great for three uses specific to a QS:

  1. Understanding Construction Technology

  2. Summarising Case Law

  3. Summarising Legislation

Before we get into it though, I asked Chat GPT to:

Write me a short article about how CHAT GPT can help quantity surveyors

This is what it generated:

Title: Leveraging CHAT GPT: Revolutionizing Quantity Surveying with AI Introduction The field of quantity surveying plays a crucial role in the construction industry, encompassing cost estimation, project management, and financial control. As technology continues to advance, new tools are emerging to enhance the capabilities of quantity surveyors. One such tool is CHAT GPT, a powerful AI language model developed by OpenAI. With its natural language processing abilities and vast knowledge base, CHAT GPT has the potential to revolutionize quantity surveying, streamlining processes, improving accuracy, and enabling more efficient decision-making. Improved Cost Estimation Cost estimation is a fundamental aspect of quantity surveying, and CHAT GPT can be a valuable asset in this regard. Leveraging its ability to understand and generate human-like text, CHAT GPT can analyze project specifications, historical data, and other relevant factors to provide accurate and detailed cost estimates. It can swiftly assess various cost components, including materials, labor, and overheads, taking into account market fluctuations and regional variations. This AI-powered assistance can significantly expedite the estimation process while minimizing errors and ensuring greater precision. Rapid Quantity Takeoffs Quantity takeoffs involve quantifying and measuring materials required for construction projects. CHAT GPT can simplify this task by swiftly processing project plans, drawings, and specifications, extracting relevant information, and generating precise quantity takeoff reports. This automated approach not only saves considerable time but also reduces the chances of human error that may arise during manual takeoff processes. Quantity surveyors can focus on analyzing the extracted data and making informed decisions, rather than spending excessive time on tedious calculations. Enhanced Decision-Making CHAT GPT's extensive knowledge base and language processing capabilities can provide quantity surveyors with valuable insights and recommendations. By accessing up-to-date information on industry standards, regulations, and best practices, quantity surveyors can make well-informed decisions. Whether it's selecting suitable construction methods, evaluating alternative materials, or optimizing cost-saving measures, CHAT GPT can act as a virtual assistant, augmenting the expertise of quantity surveyors and contributing to more efficient and informed decision-making processes. Streamlined Communication and Collaboration Effective communication and collaboration are vital in quantity surveying, involving interactions with various stakeholders, including architects, engineers, contractors, and clients. CHAT GPT can facilitate these interactions by assisting in drafting clear and concise project documentation, contracts, and reports. Its ability to generate human-like text enables smoother communication and improves the clarity of information exchange. Additionally, CHAT GPT can aid in overcoming language barriers in international projects by offering real-time translation support. Conclusion As the construction industry embraces technological advancements, AI-powered tools like CHAT GPT are poised to transform the field of quantity surveying. By automating time-consuming tasks, enhancing cost estimation accuracy, expediting quantity takeoffs, providing valuable insights, and facilitating streamlined communication, CHAT GPT can empower quantity surveyors to operate with increased efficiency and effectiveness. While human expertise remains essential, the integration of AI technologies like CHAT GPT holds immense potential to reshape the future of quantity surveying, enabling professionals to deliver better outcomes and contribute to the success of construction projects.

It’s correct in the general sense but we need as QS’s sometimes is specifics.

For those of you who are in the midst of APC revision here are some things to ask it ...

Understanding Construction Technology

  • Explain the different types of foundations

  • Describe the sequence of operation for a suspended ceiling

  • Describe what materials are required to install plain line on a railway

You can also ask Chat GPT to explain basic systems. For example:

  • Explain how the domestic housing electricity works

I would suggest trying to tailor these questions to your country. I always add “in the UK” at the end of the question.

Summarising Case Law

Chat GPT is really good at broadly identifying the skeleton of a topic and then subsequently enabling you to hone in on the details. For example you can ask it to identify the most important case law in construction. You can then ask it to to identify recent case law too!

Summarising Legislation

Chat GPT is also really good at summarising legislation. Here are some UK legislations you can test:

  • Summarise the UK Construction Act

  • Summarise the Unfair Contract Terms Act

  • Summarise the Buildings Act

  • Summarise the Health and Safety Act


If you have any alternative uses, do let me know

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