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#038 What is Commercial Management? 🤑

Hello folks 👋

In this post, I am going to discuss the concept of commercial management, and its differences/similarities to a traditional quantity surveying role. My experience with these roles has been from the client’s perspective, therefore it may well be different from a contractor’s QS / CM perspective.

In my experience, the QS and CM role has a lot of overlap. They are both responsible for preparing and controlling the budget throughout the construction lifecycle. I would say the key difference between the two is that the CM is responsible for obtaining funds for the works, whereas the QS is given a budget and has to work with it. A QS is more project focussed whereas a CM looks at a long-term strategy for the overall business and helps to meet its overall business aims.

For those of you looking to jump into commercial management, I would say go for it as it opens doors to higher-level roles and responsibilities. I’ve created a diagram below to identify the role overlaps if you are looking to move roles. Don’t be put off by the assistant title if you are an Assistant Cost Consultant / QS. As an Assistant Commercial Manager, you will be given more responsibility and will undertake work a lot more independently!


If you have any queries about what a commercial management role involves please get in touch!

My firm is always looking for competent staff so if you are interested in commercial management roles please send your CV to!

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