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#001 A new beginning 🌺

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Hello folks! 👋

I tried blogging in 2019 but I think after 8 or 9 posts the consistency just went out the window – and my aim of blogging weekly followed shortly after.

This blog will focus on all things quantity surveying, technology and productivity. If you have no idea what a quantity surveyor is, that’s fine. When I applied for the job I didn’t either.

I graduated from university in 2017 with a law degree. By the end of my three years, I ended up falling out of love with the subject and the legal career route. After graduation, I scoured the usual graduate scheme websites and stumbled across a quantity surveying graduate scheme based in London. It wasn’t as high paying as a legal career, but it looked interesting enough AND they would fund an MSc in Quantity Surveying.

I ended up getting the job and I’ve learnt a lot along the way. I remember looking for resources about what a QS does at the time and I found the internet to be strangely sparse in this area – it still is to this day.

My goal is to build a repository of information for prospective/aspiring quantity surveyors and show you the tools/techniques that have helped me on the job.

I’ve finished the Masters programme now and I am on the road to getting chartered.

I’ll leave it here, for now, have a great week!

*P.S. Please do leave a comment if you have any specific questions/topics you want me to discuss!

Interesting Links 📌

  1. For those of you who are studying, I really recommend watching the following video by Ali Abdaal. It’s about how to study properly and the tools/techniques he presents are based on case studies and journal papers – all very valuable stuff and it really changed the way I study today!

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